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CCleaner Latest Version
CCleaner Latest Version | Download CCleaner APK For Android Latest Version¬†–¬†CCleaner APK is a cleanup app for Android, not just Android, but CCleaner has a PC and MAC version. This time we concentrate more on Android devices.

Download CCleaner APK For Android

Name: CCleaner APK
License: Freeware
Version: 4.22.0 Latest Version
Publisher Website:
User Rating:
3.9/5 - (7 votes)
Operating System: Android

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CCleaner For Android

CCleaner feature is to remove junk, monitor the system, restore areas and search securely. The CCleaner application will certainly make your device charging procedure fast if it expires.

The CCleaner app for Android has 2 versions, especially the free version that you can download directly in the Google Play Store and Pro Version which has an energetic scheduler or organizing function.

Do you trigger this attribute which is the Pro version? You don’t need any more trouble to do cleanup on your Android gadget by hand. By using this version you only stay one click away and it will soon do its job.

Download CCleaner APK For Android
Download CCleaner APK For Android

CCleaner Main Features

if you want to recognize the thorough features of this CCleaner app, you can see the list below. What we understand is that this app can eliminate memos, remove storage area, tidy up RAM, check your system and search securely.

Due to the fact that high quality is not questionable, this application makes the app highly recommended for you to have. This app has a score of 4.6 in the Google Play Store.

Tidy and enhance

  • Secure your phone’s trash and speed.
  • Delete and unwrap downloaded folders, app caches, Web content clipboard, browser background, and additional.

Expanding Space Storage Area

  • Relieve the efficiency of your Android smart device or tablet computer.
  • Eliminate many apps that you don’t need easily and quickly.
  • Free up important interior storage space on your gadget.
  • Remove memos, such as deposits and damaged documents.

Evaluate app Hazards

  • Can check which apps are utilizing your information.
  • Try searching for apps that use your battery.
  • Find apps you don’t use.

Android Accelerate

  • New! It’s much quicker to stop running jobs and neat memory with Job Awesome (RAM Cleaner).
  • Latest from CCleaner! The Hibernation attribute of the app will obviously stop the app from running in the history until you open it by hand.

Easy to use

  • Android can be upgraded with just a few clicks.
  • An instinctive and basic user interface that’s not hard to navigate.
  • Fast, small, and effective with reduced RAM and CPU usage.
  • Most recent! The application statistics function allows you to quickly identify the common impact of private apps on your device.

Screen system

  • Check your CPU usage.
  • Show your RAM and interior storage space.
  • Able to check your temperature and battery level.

Every one of that can be resolved by utilizing a genuinely effective application and can do that. Great deals of applications that can do all that, however none are as total as the CCleaner Apk application.

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