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Cheat Engine Latest Version | Download Beyond Compare for Mac OS – Cheat Engine is open-source software designed to give us shortcuts in games. Still, the Cheat Engine also has a variety of specialized tools to help debug (game) debugging or even standard (normal) applications.

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Name: Cheat Engine
License: Freeware
Version: 7.1 Latest Version
Publisher Website:
User Rating:
3.5/5 - (2 votes)
Operating System: Mac OS

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Cheat Engine Review

Cheat Engine is indeed one powerful software and can be used for various games. In another sense, maybe this cheat engine is more like a cheating program that runs separately like a trainer so that the user is facilitated to win the game that you play.

Cheat Engine or commonly abbreviated as CE, is a hexsa memory scanner or editor software that has been created by Eric Heijen for an operating system such as Windows. Although in the sense of this cheat as a cheating way, in every game has been recompiled so as not to get caught, so this cheat can be activated from the game itself, by entering a secret code or pressing the button on the trainer controller for PC.

Users of this Cheat Engine can change the nominal numbers that exist in the game, such as when you play a game the funds in the game are only available 100, but when using Cheat Engine can reach 1,000,000. From this it can be concluded that by installing we can dismantle a memory game device both offline and online, and later get unlimited benefits for its users.

Lots of parameters in a game that can be modified using Cheat Engine such as the amount of money or coins in the game, the number of characters in the game and the number of other items in the game, especially native games, not online games, although some parameters in online games (especially with a synchronized distributed or local database) can be modified using Cheat Engine.

Cheat Engine modifies a parameter by scanning the value of the parameter, and the first scan is performed to determine the initial value of a parameter, if the value of the parameter changes, the Cheat Engine will detect the change on the second scan so that a parameter with a value relevant to the parameter whose value is wanted to modify, value changes are generally only applied to the current game session.

In the previous discussion this software has been explained to be able to scan the variables used in a game. And has been equipped with inspection systems, namely inspection tools, direct 3D manipulation tools, trainer maker or making trainers, speedhack or time hackers, debugger or search assembler, dissembler or disassemble, and much more. Besides, Cheat Engine also has tools to manipulate Direct 3D and OpenGL.

The benefits of this software can be applied to unload the memory of a process and make changes to provide a user benefit, such as having unlimited lives, having ammunition until time. Besides that, you can also get gold, money, or level up. So its use might make it easier for you to level up when playing games.

Cheat Engine is indeed an open-source software that has been designed to be able to provide us as game users for shortcuts in playing games. But this Cheat Engine also has various special tools to help browse through game debugging or even normal applications.

Cheat Engine for Mac OS
Cheat Engine for Mac OS

Full Features of Cheat Engine Software

  • Can be used for all Windows games: New games are currently included, such as Devil May Cry 5 or others. You can make the orb value, for example, so the maximum and unlimited.
  • Flexible cheat can be anything: This software is a Hex Editor, not a ready-made cheat. So the cheat that you will use, of course, depends on the hex value that you will change, it can be anything.
  • Masking feature, cheat is not detected: If you use this software in an online game, there is a masking feature to hide this application. So you can cheat without getting caught.
  • It could also be for a browser game: Playing various games on Google Chrome, it turns out there is also a cheat. The cheat is to use this software. How to use it exactly the same.
  • Lightweight software, only 10MB: This sophisticated and multifunctional software is easily downloaded with a size of around 10MB. Make this software run on all computers and laptops.

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