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Folder Guard Latest Version
Folder Guard Latest Version | Download Folder Guard for Windows 10, 8, 7 – Folder Guard for Windows Latest Version for Windows PC 10, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) free download. Folder Guard is a software energy that helps control access to documents, folders, and various other Windows operating system sources. Folder Guard can even shield delicate operating system features to prevent modification, avoid access to removable gadgets such as USB flash drives or exterior hard disk drives, and avoid access to the Control Panel and several more.

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Name: Folder Guard
License: Trial
Version: 20.10 Latest Version
Publisher Website:
User Rating:
4/5 - (1 vote)
Operating System: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)

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Folder Guard Review

One of the very best free apps utilized to shield your (specific and special) folders. For instance, such as folders having important files, having final assignments for students, and various other essential data to make sure that only you can access them to prevent unwanted things such as being shed or deleted by others.

Password Secure Folder Guard as the name recommends, is an application that enables far better data protection from unapproved individuals. In addition, this application supports the protection of existing folders on NTFS, FAT, or FAT32 discs without any kind of issues.

Deactivation of peripherals: aside from password security, this software is likewise qualified of shutting down hardware such as hard drives or CD ROMs. This program can limit disc access or USB connections on the computer system. This function permits individuals to safeguard versus data burglary, such as access of storage space media. Function restrictions: to forbid modifications to system setups, you can use Password Protect Folder Guard, to restrict access to some features or features in the Windows Control Board, or the beginning food selection, and various other features.

The latest Folder Guard software assures the security of your folders so that they are safe from irresponsible hands. The features of this application, among others, can hide folders, encrypt folders, and set a read-only condition for the folders you desire to secure. In this technical age, of program you need trusted security for your crucial folders or files.

Being able to lock documents and folders, Folder Guard can also lock all software at the very same time except for some software specified by the user. And additionally, access to exterior drives can be obstructed. For those of you who need data securing software, Folder Guard offers many defense features, a few of which you may not expect. Besides the capability to apply multi-layered passwords, Folder Guard additionally consists of a healing feature to resolve failed to remember password issues.

Folder Guard for Windows
Folder Guard for Windows

Latest Folder Guard Functions

Conceal individual data and folders from various other users

With Folder Guard, you can hide personal documents and folders or make them appear like vacant folders, the folders will certainly be hidden practically from different software consisting of Windows Traveler, Office, MS-DOS programs and so on.

Stop access to documents and folders and shield them with a password

You can password safeguard any folder to avoid other individuals from accessing your individual files and folders, you can also establish Folder Guard to allow just particular individuals to transform the computer setups with the Control Panel. Intend you neglected your password, a free software called Emergency Recovery Energy can recover access to locked folders conveniently and quickly.

Control access to documents and programs

You can protect against various other customers (also administrator degree) from utilizing software that can impact Windows system (a sort of blacklist), you can likewise add special software such as backup software to maintain it running (a type of whitelist).

Locks access to USB, CD-ROM, and various other removable devices

You can set up Folder Guard to reject or allow access to USB, CD-ROM, and various other removable tools and avoid individuals from running and installing software on your computer. Older Guard can secure files and folders on dividers with the NTFS and FAT/ FAT32 documents system (disk format).

Safeguarding files and folders with a password without doing encryption can lessen the risk of shedding information because of forgetting the password, Folder Guard only secures files and folders without making any kind of alterations to the information. You can likewise establish Folder Guard to operate in stealth setting to hide documents and Folder Guard shortcuts from being discovered by other individuals.

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