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phpMyAdmin Latest Version | Download phpMyAdmin APK for Android – As with various other applications for the web setting (applications that are opened or run utilizing a browser), phpMyAdmin additionally contains HTML/ XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. This web application is meant to facilitate the management of MySQL and MariaDB data sources by presenting a complete and attractive web interface.

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Name: phpMyAdmin
License: Freeware
Version: 5.0.2 Latest Version
Publisher Website:
User Rating:
4/5 - (1 vote)
Operating System: Mac OS

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phpMyAdmin Review

PhpMyAdmin is an online application that is used to handle MySQL data sources and/ or one of the most preferred devices for phpMyAdmin, which are open source web applications since they were initially produced and created. With the support of lots of designers and translators, the phpMyAdmin web application has created rather swiftly with the accessibility of many language selections. Previously, there are around 65 languages that have been sustained by the phpMyAdmin web application.

The existence of phpMyAdmin, which is thought about important and its open-source nature makes it one of the applications that are constantly on cPanel (a popular application for controlling websites). This shows that the host service provider puts an extremely solid depend on in phpMyAdmin as one of the web applications set up on the server.

PhpMyAdmin provides features that cover the management of the whole MySQL webserver (calls for the super-user) and a single data source. phpMyAdmin also has an inner system for taking care of metadata and supporting features for sophisticated operations. Through the system manager, phpMyAdmin can also manage customers and access civil liberties (benefits). Those of you who work particularly as a data source manager with MySQL as the preferred data source, there’s no damage being used phpMyAdmin for convenience of monitoring.

benefits and uses of phpMyAdmin

As the name implies, phpMyAdmin is a software developed with PHP and is frequently made use of to deal with MySQL or MariaDB database management with a web browser yet offline (localhost). This software was created by a special team of software developers called The phpMyAdmin Tasks and was formally launched to the general public in 1998. Making use of a web browser as an intermediary for database management, phpMyAdmin is considered very intriguing and is commonly likewise used as a learning tool for beginner database admins.

This phpMyAdmin software is classified as open resource software, and this is still used as it is currently. This software additionally consists of multilingual software (has many languages), and till now, it has been sustained by 65 languages. Making use of phpMyAdmin to develop databases and tables is extremely easy. The process of writing commands such as Produce, Review, Update and Erase (WASTE) as the basis for database administration using SQL language has actually even been utilized as a separate plugin in this one tool.

phpMyAdmin for Mac OS
phpMyAdmin for Mac OS

In addition to the commands above, there are really many more commands with SQL language that can be straight clicked or written by hand according to existing standards. There are numerous other devices or software with various features. However, phpMyAdmin still has its own set from the past up until currently. Naturally, along with discovering to take care of data sources, lots of web hosting suppliers still rely on phpMyAdmin as an application set up on the server.

This phpMyAdmin software does not need computers with high specs and can even be mounted on all operating systems or generally called cross platforms. The term cross-system is a designation for software or software that can run on all kinds of OS, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD, and others. There are some absolute requirements that you must fulfill first prior to beginning to run phpMyAdmin on a localhost or neighborhood web server, which is a mobile phone with a minimum version of 5.2.0 and a minimum version of MySQL 5.0.

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