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WinDirStat Latest Version
WinDirStat Latest Version | Download WinDirStat for Windows 10, 8, 7 – WinDirStat for Windows Latest Version for Windows PC 10, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) free download. WinDirStat is the software to make it easier for individuals to examine the contents of the hard drive to see what files make it complete. This open-source software was established by Bernhard Seifert for Windows after really feeling curious about KDirStat which was created KDE 3. After you run this application that has a simple screen, you can choose the drive or folder to start the analysis process.

Download WinDirStat for Windows

Name: WinDirStat
License: Freeware
Version: 1.1.2 Latest Version
Publisher Website:
User Rating:
4/5 - (1 vote)
Operating System: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)

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WinDirStat Review

The advancement of innovation is driving the innovation of computer support components, among which is on a part called a hard drive. The significantly crucial role of a computer system needs greater accessibility of space on your computer’s internal memory. But the truth is that the higher capacity of an equipment gadget does not imply that the space on your computer is endless.

The longer you will most definitely discover a problem where the internal memory space is much less due to the fact that even more and extra documents are stored. As opposed to having to replace the hard disk it would certainly be smart if you manage your storage room initially, make certain the presence or lack of lesser data. A software called WinDirStat is the most effective solution for handling your computer’s storage room.

As the name indicates, WinDirStat is a software that is made use of as an alternate if you want to manage space on a practically complete hard disk. How it works from WinDirStat is to do a complete scan of the hard disk, and the results will certainly be presented on each component of it. After every little thing is shown after that, you will understand and be able to handle the inner storage room.

WinDirStat takes a long period of time to check each drive or folder (depending upon its size). Afterwards, you can see the per cent, size, day and time of adjustment, variety of items, and characteristics of subdirectories and data. After the check is complete, you can see the expansion of the document that takes up the majority of the space on the disk full with description, colour, percentage and size.

Features and WinDirStat

You can additionally clear the Recycle Container, zoom in and out, reveal empty spaces and unidentified things, and configure application settings (such as changing languages, enable cross file system limits, disable Pacman computer animation, reveal time spent throughout scans, established clean-ups user-defined).

Furthermore, there are numerous other benefits of this WinDirStat software, consisting of the user interface that is fascinating yet fairly basic. You can select one or all dividers to be scanned. There is likewise a PacMan character that is intended as a development bar for the scanning you are doing. This is a special function of WinDirStat. The higher the dimension or storage capacity that is checked will absolutely take longer. Another one-of-a-kind function of WinDirStat software is its presentation of info. After the scanning procedure is total, the home window will immediately present the outcomes.

WinDirStat for Windows
WinDirStat for Windows

There are three panels that are in the information visitor home window with different presentation techniques yet are adjoined with each various other. The initial on the leading left is the total folder viewer that is in one or all partitions. The 2nd display screen beside it provides file details based on each expansion and is sorted from the largest and most space-consuming to the smallest.

Furthermore, the panel under this application is an aesthetic screen of the size and sort of documents stored and illustrated with blocks that have different shades and different sizes. The difference in dimension absolutely shows exactly how big the documents dimension and the colour difference indicate the different documents types – different according to the 2nd panel.

With the usage approach that we clarified above, it ends up that many individuals really feel pleased because it is quick adequate and not running the application does not overload the computer. Rather you have to by hand inspect individually to all dividers and up to all the folders that remain in it.

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